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Wound Care

Our services may include but are not limited to:

Wound Care is an all too common problem for senior citizens. There are many factors to consider in the risk and cause of wounds and Pressure Ulcers. Often times wounds are overlooked and thought to be superficial, when in fact, they can become extremely dangerous and very painful.

A Trinity Valley Home Health & Therapy Services offers a team of Wound Care Certified Practitioners
Our WCC’s are licensed specialty nurses who are responsible for planning and providing care for patients with complicated wounds, pressure ulcers, and/or any patient who has a potential skin care problem, in order to assist the patient in a achieving a maximum level of wellness and independence. The WCC will consult with other members of the health care team in the management of acute and chronic wounds, and will be actively involved in the management and prevention of pressure ulcers. The WCC will take the following steps to ensure you are provided with care that exceeds expectations:

What are the symptoms of a wound? Pressure ulcers are different depending on severity. They are rated as follows:

What are the risk factors?
Anyone at any age or at any time can get a general wound. Pressure ulcers, however, do not occur on such a broad spectrum as general wounds.

Some risks include those people who are: Reasons to go to the hospital if you have a wound:

How do you treat a wound?
The best way to treat a general wound or pressure ulcer is to know the preventions. As soon as you see a red spot, consider it a warning that your skin could open into a more serious situation.

Some treatments may include: Tips for preventing ulcers?

For more information contact your physician.